What is Karaoke?

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Karaoke, a portmanteau of Japanese kara 空 "empty," and ōkesutora オーケストラ "orchestra") (English pronunciation: /ˌkæriːˈoʊkiː/Japanese: [kaɽaoꜜke] ) is a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music (and/or a music video) using a microphone and public address system. The music is typically a well-known pop song minus the lead vocal. Lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with a moving symbol or changing color and/or music video images, to guide the singer. In some countries, a karaoke box is called a KTV. Due to its English pronunciation, it is sometimes incorrectly spelled "kareoke". It is also a term used by recording engineers translated as "empty track" meaning there is no vocal track.

There are various disputes about who first invented the name karaoke. One claim is that the karaoke styled machine was invented by Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in KobeJapan, in 1971.  After becoming popular in Japan, karaoke spread to East and Southeast Asia during the 1980s and subsequently to other parts of the world.

In Japan, it has long been common to provide musical entertainment at a dinner or a party. Japanese drummer Daisuke Inoue was asked by frequent guests in the Utagoe Kissa, where he performed, to provide a recording of his performance so that they could sing along on a company-sponsored vacation. Realizing the potential for the market, Inoue made a tape recorder that played a song for a 100-yen coin. Instead of giving his karaoke machines away, Inoue leased them out so that stores did not have to buy new songs on their own. Originally, it was considered a somewhat expensive fad, as it lacked the live atmosphere of a real performance and 500 yen in the 1970s was the price of two typical lunches, but it caught on as a popular entertainment. Karaoke machines were initially placed in restaurants and hotel rooms; soon, new businesses called karaoke boxes, with compartmented rooms, became popular. In 2004, Daisuke Inoue was awarded the tongue-in-cheek Ig Nobel Peace Prize for inventing karaoke, "thereby providing an entirely new way for people to learn to tolerate each other."


Sing Karaoke and get Healthy!

Karaoke is fun! But not only that, Karaoke can make you healthier, and alleviate your stress. Singing Karaoke is good exercise! Sing Karaoke, have fun, and make friends!

"It has been my observation that for many of the patients that we treat, people who are withdrawn and have low self-esteem and low self-confidence, they somehow find the courage to sing karaoke. Maybe it's the power of holding a microphone, maybe it is because this is supposed to be silly and fun, but many step up and are able to enjoy themselves and have a good time, and seem proud of their success."

Matt Gold, CTRS
Director, Recreation Therapy
NYS Psychiatric Institute